Before & After School Child Care

With a focus on safety, health, social growth and academic enhancement, Y Child Care programs serve Kindergartners through elementary with a variety of programmatic and activity options to explore and develop their interests and talents. 

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Our students learn the importance of respecting others, build positive relationships with peers and adults, develop social norms, and discover the benefits of making healthy choices.  When they graduate we hope that they are prepared socially, mentally, physically, and spiritually for kindergarten. 

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Class C.A.R.E. - Upland

As our communities open back up and you return to work, we are here to help by offering a program that will assist with homework help and child care in a trusted safe place for your children during the day. We are here to help support your and your family just as we have always been.

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Summer Day Camps

We give your camper adventurous outdoor games, hiking, swimming and fun opportunities to develop leadership, team-building, and social skills. We'll keep our minds active through our Camp Readers program. When your child is asked what they did this summer, they'll have a great answer!

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Camp Oakes Resident Camp

Summer Resident Camping is a YMCA tradition without equal. We offer a traditional Summer Resident Camp program with all of the classic Summer Camp activities. Children learn about the outdoors, build meaningful and lasting friendships, and develop memories that will last through the years.

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Kid Zone - Upland

Kid Zone is a free program available to all family members of the West End YMCA. We offer a child supervision service while you are using the facility. 

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