Our Youth Enrichment classes provide children with a number ways to learn and experience positive social interaction.


Tiny Tots (Chino)

Our popular Tiny Tots Preschool age program gives your child a head start on education and social development as they prepare to enter school. 

Ages: 3-5

Schedule: Mon/Weds/Fri

Cost: $128/Members, $168/Non-Members


Music & Movement Saturdays @ 9:15am

Ages: 2-4

Music & movement is an important part of development! Moving to music encourages brain development,

vocabulary growth, and social skills. Listening to music often involves pre-reading skills, math skills, listening and memory skills.


Dance Combo Saturdays @ 10am

Ages: 4-8

Unveil the artistry of Ballet and Jazz through our foundational dance classes. Dive into the world of graceful movements, poise, and rhythm as our kids embark on a journey to master the basics of these timeless dance styles.


Intermediate Dance @ 11am

Ages: 6-8

Learning and building the basic foundation of Ballet and Jazz.
Developing basic skills (plies, turns kicks) rhythm & individualized concentration for those basic skills for both Ballet and Jazz. They will learn the difference in kicks, turns etc. in Ballet vs Jazz.


Youth Art:

Ages: 6–7-year-old 12pm-1pm

Ages: 8–10-year-old 1pm-2pm

Children will be instructed how to draw, how to use acrylic paint and watercolor techniques.