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Our Adult Swim programs, including Master's Swim and Swim Clinic, make sure that our Adult members can make progress in both beginner and competitive swim techniques.


Masters Swim (Upland)

This program is for anyone who is 18 or older and can swim at least 25 yards of each stroke. Each practice is organized and run by a USA Swimming Certified Coach. Each coach will spend time refining swimmer's strokes, technique and building upon their endurance and stamina. The Masters Swim Program is perfect for triathletes, previous club swimmers, anyone looking for low impact cardio, and those who love being in the water. Join us today!

To schedule a tryout please email Asher, [email protected]



Adult Swim Techniques (Chino)

Adult Swim Techniques is designed for adults looking to further their swim techniques and swim strokes. Front crawl, backstroke, butterfly, and breast stroke. Learn other techniques such as flip turns, side breathing, treading, and more!


Saturdays 8AM-8:50AM -or-
Sundays 2:15PM-3:00PM

Cost: $65/Month (Members), $104/Month (Non-Members)

Registration: Online