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Our Group Exercise Classes are a great way to come together and get healthy with your community. Our classes are fun, beneficial, and taught by experienced YMCA instructors!


Chino Group Exercise Schedule

Upland Group Exercise Class Schedule


Meet our Group Ex Instructors

Coach Rachelle

Rachelle has cultivated experience in various rehab settings over the past 10 years and has developed a passion for working with athletes and patients during the injury prevention and post-operative phases of their care.  She utilizes multiple therapeutic modalities including traditional physical therapy exercises, pilates, and alternative martial arts exercises.  Rachelle teaches MetaFit on Monday and Wednesdays, rehab exercise, and Aqua Tone & Stretch Tuesdays and Thursdays. She also provides personal training and small group training.



STOTT Pilates, physical therapy aide, multifunctional movement for rehabilitation, movement specialist, red belt in taekwondo martial arts. 

Coach Mitchell

Mitchell Dunavant graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Azusa Pacific in 2020 and is hoping to pursue his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He previously worked as a physical therapist aide for 4 years prior to joining the YMCA as a coach. During his time at the physical therapy clinic, he helped teach corrective exercise techniques to patients of all age ranges. His areas of expertise are exercise technique, recovery methods, sports performance, and sport skills training. He currently coaches two classes, Foundations of Strength Training and Youth Sports Performance, and offers private personal training sessions.

Instructor Joy

Joy has been an AEA certified water fitness instructor since 2017 and recently completed certification as a S’WET Instructor. I believe water fitness is for everyone and my goal is to change the perception from being “Nanas with Noodles” to a high intensity, low impact, cardio driven workout that can challenge everyone (Yes, even you!!) The power, force and speed YOU put against the water will determine the intensity of your workout. It is fun, exhilarating and challenging & joint-friendly. Water Fitness is not just for Grandma anymore! 

Instructor Arisa

Arisa Brown has grown her personal practice in various studios for the last 15 years. She received her training in Ashtanga yoga from Leela Studio located in Bothell, Washington. Her classes are designed to help build strength and flexibility through the practice of sun salutations, balancing asanas and stretching. Arisa currently teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Instructor Nurys

"Exercise is Medicine & Movement is Power".

As a Group Exercise Instructor and fitness professional, I have been in helping clients and members for over 25 years to achieve sustainable results. With a background in Track, Martial Arts, and Athletic Training, I am able to create balanced and results-driven programs and classes that can easily accommodate all fitness levels. Come and try a TaijiFit (Tai Chi) class where you can improve your balance, mobility, strength, coordination, breathing, and flexibility. This workout will connect the mind and body and help you experience FLOW.  No memorization involved, just come and have FUN.

Certifications- NSCA Personal Trainer, MS Exercise Physiology, CETI Cancer Exercise Specialist, Cornell University Wellness Counselor, TaijiFit, Karate and Weapons Instructor (5th Level).

Instructor Mary

Mary Oxley is passionate about good health and has been working in the wellness industry for over 15 years. She is a certified Nutrition Coach with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), a DotFIT certified practitioner, and a professional associate of ANA (American Nutrition Association). She is also a certified Tai Chi instructor, having studied with Tai Chi Healthways, Harvard Health, and is a member of the ATCQGA (American Tai Chi and Qigong Association). Mary also loves the water and is a certified Aquatic Fitness Professional with AEA (Aquatic Exercise Association). Mary is excited and grateful to be able to offer classes and coaching to the wonderful members of the Scheu Family YMCA of Upland.